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    How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook – In 10 Simple Steps

    So you want to know how to make a fan page on Facebook in 10 simple steps? So before I take you through the 10 simple steps involved in making a fan page on Facebook I would like to firstly highlight why Facebook is such an effective marketing tool.

    Facebook is fast becoming one of the most essential and fundamental places to promote your business online. There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook – and half of these 500 million users access Facebook EVERY day for an average of 55 minutes per day!

    There is not only a phenomenal volume of potential traffic on Facebook – but Facebook also enables you to target specific customer profiles and build ongoing residual relationships with clients.

    It is possible to use a Facebook fan page in place of a business website, although it is usually more effective to use a Facebook fan page in conjunction with your business website.

    And to top it off – Facebook is FREE to use!

    So now lets move on to the 10 simple steps: how to make a fan page on Facebook –

    1) Go to this page on Facebook to create a Facebook fan-page:


    2) Under “Official Page” select either ‘Local Business’, ‘Brand, Product or Organization’ or ‘Artist, band or public figure’ as appropriate.

    If you are creating a fan-page for your business, you will likely want to select either “local business” or “brand, product or organization”.

    Once you select, you are then asked to further categorise your fan page by selecting an option in the drop down menu. Don’t worry if you cannot find your exact business category – just select the closest match.

    3) Choose a “Page Name” for your fan-page.

    This could be the name of your business, or could be the target key term that people type in to search for your product or service. You cannot change it once you have selected it – so spend a little time considering the best name for your fan page.

    4) Tick to confirm you are the official representative of the fan page.

    You cannot create a page on behalf of an organization that you do not officially represent.

    Once you have completed the steps above, you have already got the basics of your Facebook fan page setup. The next steps are all about configuring and personalising your Facebook Fan Page.

    5) Add a picture / image by either uploading one from your computer or taking a picture with your webcam.

    Use a picture / image that will best represent your brand and your business. This may be your business logo, a picture of you, a picture of your staff / team etc…

    A poor quality image will almost certainly deter potential fans – so ensure the picture you add is of adequate quality and is a good representative image for your business fan page.

    6) Provide some basic information to let your customers know more about you.

    Try and add a good quality and quantity of personal information to clearly communicate what you and your business are about, what makes you different, your mission. People buy from people – so try and be friendly and personable.

    Include a link to your website if you have one.

    7) Click the blue “Photos” tab – and Create a Photo Album.

    This is a really effective way to add a personal touch to your Facebook fan page. As mentioned above, people buy from people – so some natural photo’s of you, you at work, your premises, your staff / team, your family etc… can make a real difference to the impact of your fan page.

    8) Click the blue “Discussions” tab – and “Start a New Topic” of discussion.

    Choose a really catchy and highly targeted discussion related to your business. Discussions are a great way to increase engagement with your fans / visitors, and get them involved.

    You do not just have to start one discussion – start 3-5 interesting and topical discussions if you wish to add more content to your page at the outset.

    9) Just below your main picture / image (top left) there is a link “Edit Page”.

    Under “Settings” > Click “Edit”.

    – Country Restrictions. If you wish to target specific countries, enter them here. People from other countries will not be able to access your fan page.

    – Age Restrictions. You may wish to limit access to people over the age of 18, or 21. Select as appropriate.

    – Published. You may wish to keep your page unpublished until it is fully set up and ready to promote.

    Under Wall > click “edit”.

    We recommend you ensure the default view for wall is “all posts” – and leave all other settings under “wall” as they are by default.

    10) Launch.

    Update the status on your wall. This will be your first post on your new fan page wall, so make it a good one. Start as you mean to go on.

    Click “suggest to friends” – which is located under the profile image on your new fan page. You can choose to send a message to ALL the friends in your main Facebook account, or to a selection of your friends.

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