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  • Profile picture of LCSP LCSP said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    This is a personal note to the 121 members of the LCSP Register who have not yet renewed their membership and insurance which was due on the 1st March 2013.

    I fully accept that you do intend to renew and I understand how we all lead busy lives and these things get pushed further down our list of ‘things to do’ however if you have not yet dealt with this then you are at a critical point.

    As you are aware with all insurance companies now there are no ‘days of grace’ with policies. So technically you are now working without insurance, which is both dangerous and also a breach of the Registers code of conduct.

    Whilst the renewal date was the 1st March, we know and accept that the insurers would give some leeway, although they are not obliged to do so, and this extended to the middle of March. We are now far beyond this and as such the insurers ie Royal Sun Alliance have contacted me and clearly stated their position and it is thus;

    If you receive a claim against you and the treatment dates involved are beyond March 1st this year (bear in mind that it could be many months or even years before you are aware of this potential claim) then Royal Sun Alliance will state that you are and were uninsured at that time and as such will not deal with the claim in any way. We as your Professional Association would have to confirm that your membership was likewise not paid up.

    This would leave you as the therapist personally facing all the costs involved in any claim.

    Please be aware that there have been cases involving massage therapy that have resulted in courts awarding claims in excess of £ 500,000 and this does not include legal costs.

    Make your renewal a matter of immediate urgency, delay could potentially cost you a few hundred pounds, several thousand pounds or even your house !!!!

    Steve Foster
    Secretary LCSP Register

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