October 2005 Newsletter

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October 2005 Newsletter

9th October 2005 in


By now members will have received a personal portfolio together with inserts and relevant information regarding the LCSP Register. I recommend this information to your perusal as therein you will find the Standards of Professional Conduct expected of you as a member and likewise the level of back-up and support available to you from the Register and its Governing Council.

Furthermore, we are all aware that regulations across the medical and complementary medical fields are becoming ever more stringent, we are faced with having to demonstrate both our efficacy and competence to practice. To this end, this portfolio will become an invaluable tool, enabling the Therapist to immediately have to hand all the vital information relating to the profession. Insurance documentation and policies, and other essential paperwork like electrical safety certificates and even fire equipment certificates if appropriate. A separate CPD section will allow you to decide what information to collect about your CPD activities, to assist you in reflecting on and evaluating your future learning needs. Storage of CPD certificates will in turn enable you to provide evidence of your CPD.

The use of, and the development of your portfolio, will be the surest way of demonstrating both your commitment and professionalism.

The Council hope you find this portfolio both useful and of benefit to you and it will in turn allow the Council to keep you immediately informed and updated if changes occur relating to rules, regulations or requirements by sending you the amended page or pages for replacing in the portfolio.

e-mail: fozzy@fosterclinic.co.uk


Members will be aware that an EGM has been arranged for the 21st October. You will have received details of this meeting and the proposals recently. Those of you who attended the AGM in Coventry have already had the reasons behind these changes explained to you fully. I strongly recommend that you back these changes as they are essential for the Council to run the Register efficiently and effectively. No member can be insensitive to the changes that your Council have already implemented within the Register, we are making positive changes for the common good and need these proposed alterations to our constitution to enable us to continue to develop and strengthen the position of the LCSP Register.

WEBSITE. www.lcsp.uk.com

The new look LCSP website is live and happening, the ‘public’ section is designed for ease and simplicity in finding a therapist in a particular area, I would like to think that this will make all our members more accessible to the general public.

The ‘members’ section is accessed by using your LCSP membership number, if you cannot remember it – look on your certificate! Once into the members section you can access all areas relevant to the profession, i.e. news, CPD information, members Q&A’s etc. As time goes on we will continue to update the website and as always welcome your feedback.


I hope that the members will assist me in completing the enclosed survey form to enable us to have a better picture of the levels of treatment we provide and to enable us to target information and assistance more specifically to members. The last time a survey of this type was done was in 1984, when we were able to prove that LCSP Therapists were consulted by ½ million patients and provided 1 million treatments in one year. I am certain that this figure has changed and if we have up to date information this makes for easy reference when dealing with regulatory and Government Bodies.

Fill form in now: click here to open form and print

Once completed please return the forms to the LCSP Register Secretary Steve Foster via your preferred route;
Fax: (01493) 602797
e-mail: fozzy@fosterclinic.co.uk 
Snail mail: Foster Clinic, Bells Road , Gorleston, Norfolk . NR31 6AG

Thank you in advance for making the effort with this, it will assist us big-time in planning and helping members in the future.


You will have received your copy of the Register’s own directory of practitioners; it is a far more comprehensive and inclusive book this year which will enable the user to access a therapist much easier than before. Additional copies can be ordered via the LCSP Register Blackpool office.


There was a full meeting of the LCSP Register Council on 2 nd July 2005 held at Lytham Road , Blackpool .

Brief Summary:

Secretarial Report:
The Secretary Steve Foster reported on a follow-up meeting with the Website designers where details of the members section were discussed, it is still hoped that this will be ‘live’ and ‘on-line’ by October.

Following on from the former item, the dial-up modem in the Blackpool office is unreliable and very slow; the option of ‘broadband’ in the office should be investigated to improve service and efficiency.

HPC : Notification had been received from 53 members of their successful registration. The Secretary is aware of many outstanding applications still pending, some members have been asked to provide further information to support their application and some who have taken the option of going to appeal against decisions. It could be some months before the process is completed and final numbers are known.

Correspondence: Letters of thanks were received from recently retired members who had been granted ‘Honorary Membership’ for long service.

Several letters of thanks had been received after the 1st CPD course held in Leeds .

There was further mention of a letter received from the Principal of the Northern Mr. Caldwell outlining his displeasure with the Register for facilitating any post-graduate training, there was a lengthy discussion and the Council was of the opinion that the Register is not in any way undermining the Northern as these CPD courses are for post-graduates only and we were responding to many requests from members for specific learning opportunities in other locations in the U.K.

A letter to this effect and offering a meeting was sent to the Northern by the LCSP Secretary but to date no acknowledgement or reply had been forthcoming.

Membership Applications: In the light of the directives of the Dept. of Health and The Foundation for Integrated Medicine, membership of the LCSP Register should be ‘inclusive’ and not ‘exclusive’; therefore membership should be available to therapists whose training meets the criteria of other organisations involved within the GCMT.

This information has been passed to the other organisations involved and several applications for membership have since been received.

AGM /Conference: Finance Officer Mr. Johnson, gave a report that the final figures for the 2005 event showed a loss of £6000 for the weekend. This was largely due to the poor numbers and non uptake of reserved rooms at the venue.

Date for 2006 AGM /Conference agreed for 20/21 May 2006, with a preference for a location in the North-East of England .

EGM: Lawyers working closely with the Council have advised on the revised Articles of Association that would remove the previous ambiguities that were prevalent in the original Articles drawn up by the Secretary’s predecessor. These will be circulated, as is required, in due time for the EGM on 21st October for members consideration.


Our best wishes are with long standing member Rob Ainley from Ilkley, Rob and his wife are involved in a charity project called ‘Seeing Hands Nepal’ which is to promote the profession of massage for the blind and partially sighted people in Nepal. Rob hopes to establish both a clinic and teaching centre in the tourist area of Pokhara, the second city of Nepal .

For more information visit www.seeinghandsnepal.com

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