July 2006 Newsletter

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July 2006 Newsletter

9th July 2006 in

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2006 AGM and Conference:

Not an advert, because you missed it!
A big thank you to those who made the effort to support this, and those who did not are certainly the poorer for it. The whole event this year was geared to topics and subjects affecting practitioners on a daily basis, assessments, treatments and for me personally and many others the ‘star of the show’ Dr. Paul Lambden, who injected so much humour into the gravely serious business of medical mishaps and complaints.

General Council for Massage Therapy:

The regulation of massage therapists is getting nearer, I as your Secretary and your Council try to act in the best interests of the Register and its members. To ensure that we do this we need to know your views on this important subject. These FIH proposals will affect ALL massage therapists, this is something that will not go away if you ignore it. Below is a brief statement from the Foundation for Integrated Health and the contact details for YOUR response, it’s your future so have your say:

“Have your say! Its YOUR TURN!”

Last month, the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health began circulating a consultation document entitled ‘Exploring a Federal Approach to Voluntary Self-Regulation of Complementary Healthcare’. A report commissioned by the Foundation found that a federal voluntary structure was the best model for the future of many complementary professions.
Over the past couple of weeks you have probably read some of the recent debate in the media about availability of complementary therapies on the NHS. Regulation is an important issue for practitioners and the public. The outcome of this consultation WILL have a major influence in shaping the future of complementary healthcare and integrated approaches to health. Input from practitioners is essential in setting up a system that works.
Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute your views – although it will take time to complete, consider it time well spent for the development of healthcare in the UK.
The closing date for submissions is 28th July 2006. For further information or to request a copy of the document visit www.fih.org.uk e-mail regulation@fih.org.uk or call 020 3119 3100
To take part in our survey and answer questions please go to:

HPC Registered ?

You should be aware that your compulsory commitment to CPD activity and recording began from the 1st July this year.
Registrants will need to record their activities in their portfolio and if selected for audit, to complete the CPD profile which will then be assessed by CPD assessors. Registrants will need to demonstrate satisfactory CPD levels and activities for the previous 2 years.
According to the HPC timetables the first random audits will begin in July 2008, and the proposed date for physiotherapists audit is April 2010, but be warned about complacency, these dates are for the audit of between 2.5% and 5% of registrants at that time.
There is still however, the requirement for registrants to sign a declaration stating that they are involved in the required levels of CPD when re-registering with the HPC in the meantime. Further details regarding CPD are due to be released to registered members by post shortly. There is more information if required on the HPC website at www.hpc-uk.org

Scary Story

I was informed by the Insurance Brokers of a recent case involving a practitioner (not LCSP) who was allergy testing a patient. The preferred method by this practitioner was to test the muscle strength whilst the patient held small food samples between his lips. The problem came with the testing of a ‘peanut’; the scary bit was the patient a 42 yr old man ‘died’ within minutes in the practitioners’ room. Naturally enough there is going to be a mega insurance claim (suspected into Millions), and a possible consequence to us is that if any members have an insurance extension for Allergy Testing, it is possible that the Insurers will back away from Allergy Testing cover completely now.


Mrs Val Smith, Spilsby, Lincolshire. Sadly passed away on 17th June. Val joined the Register as a student in Nov 1990 and progressed to full membership in March 1995, she was deservedly awarded a Fellowship at the AGM in 2000 for services to the ERD Charity to which she remained as a trustee to the end. The world in general and the Register in particular has lost a dedicated and caring individual and the President, Council and members extend heartfelt condolences to her husband Colin, now a retired member, and her son Chris who remains in practice in Horncastle.

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to report the untimely death of Stan Duncombe in Spain on 4th July.
Stan was for very many years Woody’s ‘right hand man’ at the ‘Northern’ and their combined talents not only touched us here but extended internationally and had a profound effect on Massage Therapy worldwide. Stan served the LCSP for over 44 years and was an active President between 1969-71 and 1995-97. It was during this time he had the vision and foresight to conceive the idea of the ‘Tiny Tim Centre’ in Coventry which was founded with the assistance of the LCSP and the ERD charity for treatment and research into children’s musculo-skeletal problems and will now be a permanent working facility in his memory.

Many members will have vivid memories of Stan, his own particular style of presentation in his lectures, his forthright opinions and I for one will raise a fond smile of remembrance whenever confronted with a patient with ‘Arthur-itis’. Stan, we salute your memory and the education you gave us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Victoria, Chris and Robert in this most difficult time.


Due to retirement: Hydraulic examination/treatment couch.
Immaculate condition with cover and face hole. £150.00

Selection of examination/technique and orthopaedic textbooks
Value over £120. Accept £45 (plus p&p if not collected)

Contact Bryan Petre, Durham. 0191 373 4135

LCSP Register 2007 Conference 18 – 21 May 2007. Stratford-Upon-Avon

Make a note in your diary now 18th to 21st May 2007 at the Holiday Inn, Stratford-Upon-Avon.
The reason for the advance notification is that it will be a special 3 day ‘hands on’ training event.

Presented by James Waslaski, from the Centre for Pain Management, Dallas, Texas.

James is a past chair of the AMTA National Sports Massage Council, a respected author and international lecturer who has pioneered deep, pain free orthopaedic massage treatment techniques. In 1999 James received the International Achievement Award for educating medical practitioners worldwide towards integrated pain free healing.
This will be a 3 day ‘hands on’ teaching workshop, which will cover both the assessment and treatment of shoulder and hip joints. The skills you will learn will improve your assessment and diagnostic skills and improve your treatment protocols for these two difficult areas. A very comprehensive work book is included with the course.
Due to the practical nature of this training places will be limited, initially LCSP Register members will be given priority but already we have received enquiries from non members and overseas for places.
Further details will be available in the Members Forum of the website as they are available and likewise in the next newsletter.

The LCSP Register AGM will be held on the Friday evening prior to the course.

2006 AGM and Conference – Scarborough

A great time was had by all who attended, with the possible exception of those who tried to go for the bracing walks, particularly when the skies opened and delivered downpours of biblical proportions. However, inside the St. Nicholas Hotel it was warm and dry with a good atmosphere of conviviality and accord.

The Annual General Meeting business was conducted without incident and voting confirmed Beryl Harper as President, Steve Foster as Secretary, Mel Eyres as Treasurer and Board of Management of Sue Bennett, Mark Fairclough, Viv Pugh, Roger Watson and Joe Gillow.
The Secretary gave an overview of the years activities of the Register and gave thanks to each individual Council member whilst explaining their respective roles and areas of responsibility. Members were given clarification on the background leading to the regrettable decision of the Northern Institute to distance itself from the LCSP Register. The Secretary explained the role and situation of the Register in the likely National Registration of therapists and the members present were in agreement with the Councils desire for standards to be enhanced in our profession. A vote of thanks was extended to Sheila Hardy and Vic Johnson for their valuable contributions throughout the year. The Secretary concluded by vowing to continue to take the LCSP Register forward as the principal organisation representing professional therapists.
At the conclusion of the AGM it fell to the President to bestow the honour of Fellowship on Mrs Sue Bennett of Leeds for her services to the Register particularly in the area of CPD and Education.

The Conference speakers this year where all primarily concerned with our respective roles as therapists and as such the presentations were informative and useful covering the areas of Assessment and treatment of Sports Injuries, Isolating primary Lesion sites in back pain patients and the important area of consent, when do you need it and what type of consent is required. Together with sparkling examples of when professionals got it wrong! Lively debate was provoked by the presentation of Maggie Dunn, the Chair of GCMT, regarding future regulations and she urged members to be active and reply to the questionnaire in the Consultation Document.

The Saturday Dinner Dance was a splendid evening with good food in good company and our thanks to Dr. Lambden for a most entertaining reply to the visitors toast, the warmth of the LCSP Register filled the room – by crikey it was hot down there!

Nevertheless another good Conference with something for everybody and I would like to add my personal thanks to each and all of you present for making it so. Last but by no means least, thanks to George Kendell, our welfare officer who arranged the outing to Filey Golf Club on Friday afternoon, the full details I dare not divulge here, suffice to say thanks to my golfing partners and caddy, revenge will be sweet in 2007 in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Thanks for your feedback:

“Thanks very much for your exhilarating company and generosity over the weekend. It was a great weekend and it was good to meet with so many of your members and colleagues” Asgar Hassanali

“Thanks for another great Conference – lots of things to think about and practical ideas which I have already put into practice! Great value for money and well worth the effort to attend” Isobel Hamid

“Thank you to everyone involved in the AGM at Scarborough this year. Looking forward to next year with the dates already in my diary, any members that didn’t attend… simple, you need to be there next year”
Susie (via web)

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