January 2007 Newsletter

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January 2007 Newsletter

9th January 2007 in

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Changes in Fire Safety Legislation:

The Fire Safety Order (FSO) took effect on 1st October 2006 . The changes apply across England and Wales and affect all non-domestic premises. This also applies if you are using a part of your residential home for business purposes, where you will receive visits from members of the public i.e. patients, or have employees in those areas.
It is now the responsibility of an ‘appointed person’ to conduct an individual ‘fire risk assessment’ for the premises and have this documented. I have received several calls from concerned members who have received official looking documents from companies pertaining to represent Local Authorities working with or on behalf of Health and Safety with regard to the new FSO. These letters all have a common theme and that is ‘you must have this done by law, and we will do it for you at a cost of …….’.
Pay no heed dear friends, this is similar to the ‘Data Protection Scam’ of a few years ago. Yes, the law has changed and I would strongly recommend that it is good practice to do an assessment, but you can do this yourself.
Follow the links from www.firesafetyguides.communities.gov.uk and download a Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form. It is an easy 5 step fill-in form and then keep it in your Personal Portfolio.
For those without computer access contact me or the office and I will oblige with a copy by snail mail.

Stan Duncombe Memorial:

The LCSP Register was well represented by the President, Council, and members at the memorial service held for Stan in Coventry . Our President, BBH, gave a glowing tribute to Stan and his professional life to the packed church and tributes were paid to him for his vision and tireless work in initially setting up, with the ERD the ‘Tiny Tim’ project. It was therefore very disappointing to see that there was no ERD representation at the memorial. Generous donations from the service were collected and given to ‘Tiny Tim’.
After refreshments the President and Council were given a tour and explanation of the good works being done at the ‘Tiny Tim’ centre by its manager and LCSP member Alan Ingar.

Insurance Renewals:

Members will receive shortly the renewal terms directly from Three Counties Insurance, at the time this newsletter was going to print, I was still involved in negotiations with the brokers and Royal Sun Alliance, suffice to say that I am optimistic that the next years premiums will most certainly NOT rise, rather I am stating our case and holding out for a REDUCTION in rates. This should be made possible by the fact that the insurers are impressed with the Registers commitment to risk management, the introduction of the individual members’ portfolios and increased mandatory CPD activity.
It is possible you may find cheaper insurance, but nobody can be insensitive to the compensation culture in which we live and operate, and as such cheaper will probably mean you’re not covered in the way you think or need. The LCSP Register policy has been specifically tailored to match our requirements for full and comprehensive protection. In addition we have with Three Counties, 24hr legal helpline, a freephone number for queries direct to Three Counties until 10pm daily and weekends, and dedicated and named staff for continuity when dealing with enquiries. Also bear in mind that Three Counties not only offer Medical Malpractice Insurance but can offer the additional expertise and advice on clinic and premises cover and car insurance if you do home visits.

2007 A New Challenge?

As we plough headlong into a New Year we face challenges that may be before us. In previous years we have had obvious targets and obstacles in the way that needed addressing and overcoming, GOsC and HPC registration were two such challenges that had to be faced by the respective members and faced they were, with members receiving the recognition they rightly deserved. This year it is likely that the Massage Therapists will move ever closer to some form of a National Registration, something we are prepared for and ready to take on.
We, as in the LCSP Register, are a diverse bunch, with practitioners involved in Massage, Beauty, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Manipulative Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic with several other disciplines too numerous to mention. For the greater majority of us, the common factor is our roots, ‘The Northern in Blackpool ‘.
Sometimes it does no harm to reflect, I am writing this on New Years Eve, at my home in Norfolk. Ever mindful that this home I love has been possible through the basic training I had 20 plus years ago in Blackpool under the beady eyes and gasping breath of Woody et al. (I was actually one of BBH’s first students, but that is another story for another day).
That basic training gave me the confidence, drive and determination to go forward and learn new skills, keeping up with CPD and learning. How scary is it when you first attend a training seminar somewhere new and find you are the only Remedial therapist there, surrounded by hospital physios, osteos and the like? I’ve been there and done it, initially you keep quite, and fearing you’ll look like a complete plank and the others will sneer and give you the ‘I went to university’ look. But quite quickly, you realise that you do know the answers to questions being raised, and some questions you know the answers to and the others do not, you speak up and can hold your own, such was the quality and depth of our basic training.
Nobody has given any of us anything, we have had to fight for everything we have achieved and we can all be proud, but let’s not forget where we came from. I know Woody was an awkward and cantankerous old sod, but he did have a soft human side, albeit well hidden, and I still think of him and miss him. He served as LCSP Secretary for, it seemed hundreds of years. I, for my part, feel humbled to follow him and only hope that I can in some way continue to serve the Register that has for so long supported and served me in my professional career.
We are a diverse and odd bunch, but let’s stick together, stay together and show a united front, for we are all of common stock. Stan Duncombe used to start his Presidential address by saying ‘we are a family’.
Whatever the challenges of 2007 may bring for you, personally or professionally, I, the Register, and its members, are there for you if required for advice, succour and support. I personally am very proud to be your Secretary, and proud of the Register and its members, and all we have achieved.

The best of everything to you all for 2007.
Steve Foster

Retirement from Practice:

Dear Colleagues,
“I have recently turned 65 years young and have decided to hang up my white coat after working in our industry for 33 years and retire.
I started with “The Northern” in 1973, in those days it was based in Cocker Square , Blackpool . I had three tutors then namely Ken Woodward, Stan Duncombe and Harry Hawes, sadly they have all passed away.
I have fortunately always had a full diary which pays tribute to the training at the Northern and the aforementioned tutors.
Initially I started working in Sports Injuries and the highlight of my career was being appointed as Physiotherapist for Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. I was with them for 4 years and during that time I visited practically all the grounds in the football league.
Lastly, I would like to thank the LCSP Register for their support and encouragement over the years, and wish anyone who may know me the very best wishes for the future.”

Denis Conyerd.

p.s. Don’t forget the power in your hands.

Foz note:
Denis has indicated that his extensive patient list and clinic phone number is available for purchase. If any member is interested Denis can be contacted on 01902 424103 or email denisc@blueyonder.co.uk
On behalf of the President, Council and the rest of us, happy retirement Denis.

G5 Massage machine with stand and heads. Can be mobile £ 400
Contact: Shirley Arnold on 01752 666677 or 07710 285826

2007 LCSP Register Annual General Meeting

Friday 18 May pm         Golf Anyone?
Friday 18 May 7.00pm   AGM (with buffet after).

Conference events:
May 19 – Dr. Paul Lambden
May 19 – Saturday evening Dinner Dance
May 19 – 21 James Waslaski 3 day Orthopaedic Massage Training

The James Waslaski weekend course has stimulated a lot of interest from LCSP members and over half the available places have already been booked, so if you are interested in this special learning opportunity then early booking is recommended to guarantee a place.

James is an International Lecturer and Author with over 20 years experience and will be covering the treatment of shoulder conditions based on his revolutionary joint capsule work. You will combine multiple disciplines and learn a systemic approach to getting immediate results in patients with severe thoracic outlet and frozen shoulder conditions. You will also address rotator cuff injuries, bicipital tendonitis, and shoulder impingement problems. His particular joint capsule work will revolutionise your results with complicated shoulder conditions.

In addition, James will address hip pain, hip capsule problems and sciatica. This unique approach to deep tissue release for structural alignment will be completely pain free and will allow for immediate and permanent results; even in the most complicated pain conditions.

This is a great opportunity to see and learn from a World leader in our field. LCSP Register members have priority booking (and reduced fee) until the end of January and a booking form is enclosed, thereafter any remaining places will be allocated to non LCSP members on a waiting list.

Saturday 19 th May
For the elder statesmen of our Register and those with limited attention spans who can no longer maintain concentration levels for three days!
There will be a return by popular demand of Dr. Paul Lambden.
Those members who heard him last year will testify to his knowledge and skill as a speaker. Dr Lambden has credentials second to none and his address book reads like ‘who’s who’.
This will be an excellent opportunity for those not attending the 3 day event to listen, learn, and be entertained by this much in demand speaker.

The AGM and Conference event is being held at the Holiday Inn in Stratford-Upon-Avon and preferential booking terms have been negotiated with the hotel for this weekend. Members wishing to take advantage of these terms please contact the hotel direct on 01789 279988 quoting ‘LCSP Register Conference’.


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