July 2007 Newsletter

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July 2007 Newsletter

9th July 2007 in

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Smokefree Law:

From Sunday July 1st this year it became illegal to smoke in virtually all enclosed public places, workplaces, public and work vehicles. The new law also requires no-smoking signs to be displayed in all smokefree places.
I think it is reasonable to assume that most of our practices are smoke free anyway and it is unlikely (hopefully) that therapists are smoking whilst treating their patients.

So does this new law impact on us at all?

The answer is a resounding YES.  Even if you are a sole practitioner working from home you are legally responsible. The following is the ruling for anybody working from home:
‘Any part of a private dwelling used solely for work purposes will be required to be smokefree if it is used by more than one person who does not live at the dwelling or members of the public attend to deliver or to receive goods and/or services.’

Signage you have to display:

All smokefree premises will need to display no-smoking signs that meet the requirements of the new law.
From Sunday 1st July, no-smoking signs will need to be displayed in a prominent position at every entrance to smokefree premises. Signs must meet the following minimum requirements:
Be a minimum of A5 in area (210mm x 148mm)
Display the international no-smoking symbol at least 70mm in diameter
Carry the following words in characters that can be easily read;
‘No smoking. It is against the law to smoke on these premises.’

Where can you get the signs?:

To help you comply with the new law, signs can be downloaded and printed or ordered fromsmokefreeengland.co.uk/resources. Signs can also be ordered from the Smokefree England information line on 0800 169 1697.

How will the law be enforced?:

Local councils will be responsible for enforcing the new law in England.
From 1st July there will a telephone line (0800 587 1667) in operation to enable members of the public or employees to report possible breaches of the law. This information will be passed to the local councils to follow-up as appropriate

Penalties for breaking the law:

Anyone who does not comply with the new smokefree law will be committing a criminal offence. The fixed penalty notice and maximum fines are as follows:
‘Offence of failing to display required no-smoking signs’
Fixed penalty notice if paid within 15 days – £150, if paid within 29 days – £200.
You can choose to have the matter dealt with by the court where the fine can be up to £1000.

Extract from the Secretary’s AGM address, 18th May 2007

“This year has seen a continuation of the policies and objectives we have previously set out with regards to communications, portfolios and our commitment to CPD.
Communications have further improved, we have continued to publish and snail mail the quarterly members newsletters to you, naturally being quarterly, time sensitive information or material will not play a large part in the newsletter, it simply cannot.
The newsletters role has changed but remains important in reinforcing information and serves as a regular means of sending other relevant details to you. New postal weight limits mean we can send many more sheets of paperwork within the newsletter so please don’t just side-line the newsletter thinking that is all there is, invariably there will be other documents contained that are important and may need action from you.
The members’ forum section of the website is gaining in popularity and electronic communication is the obvious medium where critical time sensitive material will be posted. For those not yet sure of the access go to www.lcsp.uk.com  then click member login, that will take you to the members only section, there you will be asked for your surname and membership number, your LCSP number, (on your annual membership certificate), complete and click login. Once in the members section, click on members forum, once there just click on ‘general’ and then you are able to see all the posts submitted. At the top is a button to set a new topic if you desire, or just click on a topic of interest which will allow you to read the posts and at the top is a button to post your own reply. Please make use of the facility which is being provided for your benefit, similarly that forum is a platform for members interchange and is proving to be useful but still not being used to anything like its full potential.
We are a geographically diverse organisation and efficient communication is essential to all of us, there are still improvements that can and will have to be made in the future to maximise the dissemination of information and knowledge to each of you.

The members’ personal portfolios continue to be updated as and when circumstances dictate, this now ensures that at any given time every member has the correct and current information regarding their professional status and organisation. Use these portfolios to keep all the information relevant to you and your practice together as this one file will enable you to easily demonstrate your commitment and professionalism.

As far as the provision of CPD is concerned, the Registers members and indeed non members have commented on the high standard of guest lecturers and training being made available at different locations around the Country. The Register is committed to facilitating these CPD opportunities in different locations and this policy is driven by you and will continue to reflect the requirements of the membership in terms of content, location, quality and value. Members are reminded that CPD is mandatory and that you have an obligation to fulfil your particular annual requirements for CPD.

I have already stated that we are a geographically very diverse organisation with members quite literally at each far flung corner. Members’ opportunities to meet with colleagues or to raise questions to Council personally have largely been restricted to once a year at the Annual General Meeting which has naturally been restrictive and has not made the best use of our strongest asset. Our strength is in ourselves, our combined talents, experience and knowledge. In an effort to improve communication and information exchange between ourselves the Council is proposing to hold their quarterly meetings at different regional locations around the Country, this would give members in that region or locality an opportunity to attend an informal meeting with Council members to ask questions or raise points. Similarly this opportunity could be used to bring the members information or presentations relevant to your practices.
This will be a pilot scheme, starting in 2008; I want to bring the LCSP Register out to you the members.

In conclusion, I believe that we are in a good position and the actions we have taken over the past two years have helped us to meet the challenges in our spheres of influence to date. We still have plenty to do to improve the ways we distribute information to you and to the end user, our patients. But through process improvement, investment and technology combined with sharing our expertise across the Country, we aim to deliver further substantial improvements over the next year or so. My personal aim and that of my Council colleagues is to keep the promises we make and to live up to the fine traditions of the LCSP Register.”


AGM/Conference Golf Match:

Fozzy sends hearty thanks to the fellow competitors who took to the undulating pastures of Ingon Manor Golf Club, Stratford-Upon-Avon, a draughty day where the mediocre standard of golf was easily surpassed by the high standard of the mobile catering service (thanks Eagle) and hip flask contents. Congratulations to the champ Doug Powell of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, who rose to the occasion and took the coveted title of LCSP Register golf super hero!

AGM/Conference  Stratford-Upon-Avon:

Thank you all for the very positive comments that have been posted in reaction to the AGM and Conference this year.

The President and Council of the LCSP Register would like in turn to thank our Insurance Partners; Royal Sun Alliance, Howdens and Three Counties for their continued support and confidence.

Likewise the exhibitors EMS Physio Ltd., Mastermedica Ltd.,  Physique Management., Sissel U.K. Ltd., Spectrum Health Products, Songbird Naturals and Sue Donachy (MBT Shoes) for their patronage of our event and finally, and most importantly, to you the members who attended this year.

As a Council we try to respond to your requirements and needs, this particular event has received very favorable feedback and several requests for a similar event next year. However, this year we needed approximately 100 delegates to break even, we had only 70. If these style and type of events are to continue the attending members are going to need to network with other members to stimulate both interest and numbers.

Administration  office relocation

As part of our continuing long term strategy for improving the Register, the Council have secured a property in Lowestoft, Suffolk to serve as our new administration office.
This decision was naturally not one that has been taken lightly, many of us have long established sentimental links with Blackpool, but we must accept that sentiment has no place in business and we must look forward and plan for the longer term future and stability of the Register.
This move will generally improve the efficiency of the admin office and hopefully even your Secretary who at the moment has a five hour drive each way to visit the present office.
It is anticipated that the move to the new office will be completed by the end of this year.


It is with regret that we have to report the passing of Mrs. E. Watson of Lancaster, who had been a member since March 1996.

Our sympathy is extended to her family and friends at this sad loss.

For Sale:

Due to retirement an opportunity has arisen to purchase an existing Remedial Massage business complete with 4 Bed end terraced property in St. Judes, Plymouth. House is valued at £225,000 and with the business is being offered for £250,000. Would consider selling separately.
Further details are available on the Members Forum website or contact Shirley Arnold on 01752 666677.

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