October 2007 Newsletter

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October 2007 Newsletter

9th October 2007 in

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Record Keeping:

I have had in the recent months incidents that have for one reason or another required a member to submit for examination and verification their patient records. Unfortunately in nearly all of these cases the records submitted were found to be inadequate, illegible and in one case non-existent.
From the insurance aspect, no records equals no defence!

In an ideal situation your patient notes should be legible, not abbreviated, clear and concise. It should be theoretically possible for another therapist to immediately take over your patient list, and simply by looking at your notes, know the condition being treated, the treatment plan proposed and the treatments and reactions carried out to date. From there the therapist should be available to continue with the same treatment plan.

It is a lot to ask, and if I am honest my own system is being updated to try to achieve this, I have a valid and good reason to try and do this as I have other therapists in my clinic that will see the patients. But for sole practitioners the incentive is not there and we do naturally develop a ‘short-hand’ and maybe skip things due to pressure of time. But as we all know it only takes one reported incident that requires your notes, or maybe even a request from a solicitor for patient records that can prove to be your undoing.

Take a good, hard, critical look at your record keeping; could somebody else take over from you TODAY with your patients? I expect that most of us if honest, would say ‘no’. Please bear this in mind, it may sound like I am criticising but I do not think any member would like to have their procedures damned in a court and potentially lose a case, not necessarily through inadequate or inappropriate treatment or any lack of skill, but just through bad recording.

NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners:

The publishers of this directory are on the prowl again looking to secure your hard earned money, with promises of this directory being clutched eagerly by GP’s who can hardly wait to refer patients to us all. You have been warned!

Smoke-Free, What you need to do:

As you may well know England went smokefree at 6am on Sunday 1 st July 2007 . If you are running a business of any description, you now have a legal responsibility to prevent smoking in your clinic or office AND display the “No Smoking” signs specified by the Health Act 2006. This is a mandatory requirement and requires a sign prominently displayed at each point of entry to your premises.

The minimum size of the principal sign is A5 and must have the internationally recognised ‘No Smoking’ symbol and bear the words ‘No Smoking’ followed by ‘It is against the law to smoke in these premises’.

You can obtain more information, for example on exemptions or penalties and obtain free-of-charge signs by going to www.smokefreeengland.co.uk or telephone 0800 169 1697.

Have you got a valid ‘First-Aid’ qualification?

It will become a requirement of the ongoing CPD next year for all practicing members. The simplest route is to enquire at your local St. Johns Ambulance and the ‘Appointed Person’ course is sufficient. This course will give you certification for a three year period.

CPD Recording:

Please study and use the enclosed CPD forms, from the renewal of membership in 2008 there will be selected random checks of members CPD records.

Members Forum on the Website:

Have you looked and participated?
More and more members are making use of this facility, at last look there were 64 different topics, everything from members wanting advice on treatment protocols for certain conditions to job adverts, equipment for sale, even a complete house and business for sale!
This facility is for you, and gives you the chance to be more involved with your fellow practitioners, to help others and receive help if required.
All you need for access is your name and LCSP Register membership number.

Are the public in touch with us?

We are all aware of the importance of creating the correct ‘personal image’ if we are to be considered professional in our field of work and in our respective areas of expertise. Image is an all-important factor for the success of an individual and indeed for the LCSP Register as your professional body.

The LCSP Register is fully aware of the importance of Corporate Image, Promotion and Public Relations and we are committed to improving the service to the members in these areas. Indeed several initiatives have already been implemented and well received, the improved communications, the members Portfolios, and now dedicated CPD Recording Material.

However there are still areas that can and need to be improved particularly in the field of ‘Public Perception’ of our work, and it is in this area we need to enlist your help to increase the public awareness of Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy.

In the Members Forum only recently there has been a post regarding ‘Promoting Massage and the LCSP ‘ and it raises a very valid point that in news articles relating to health and/or complementary therapies, how often is our field mentioned? Hardly ever, and more likely not at all!

We would very much like to raise the profile of Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy and to do so we need your help. We need to have information to hand to pass to the media when these opportunities arise, and arise they do. This is an area that the GCMT are also in the process of addressing and it makes it doubly important that we do not miss out on an opportunity to self promote and raise public awareness.

We are all aware that we have, and there are, members who are very successful practitioners and have built and developed impressive practices.If you are one of these, let us know. If you are involved in any interesting or different ventures professionally, we would like to hear about it. I know it is not necessarily in our nature to shout about our success, but it is both good and helpful to be positive and constructive about what we do, and only by getting that information out there to the wider general public can we hope to raise the profile of you as individuals, of us as a professional body, and the profession of Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy generally.

Help us to help you for the future.


It is with regret we report the passing of the following members:

Mr. Raymond Peters of Nottingham, a member since 1986 who will be sadly missed by family and friends alike.

Mr Ronald Anderson of Alness, Ross-Shire. Ronald retired from practice in 2005 after 20 years of service; our condolences go to wife Mae and daughter Gillean who is also a practicing member.


LCSP Register Regional Meeting :

Such is the nature of our geographically diverse organisation that Members opportunities to meet with colleagues and to raise questions or points to your Council have largely been restricted to once a year at the Annual General Meeting, this has been restrictive and does not make best use of our strongest asset which is ourselves. Our strength is in our combined talents, experience and knowledge.
The LCSP Register Council will be holding the first regional meeting in 2008 on Friday evening 1st of February in Norwich , Norfolk .
Any members are welcome to attend this informal evening where questions can be raised and information shared, the evening will conclude with a light buffet.
As promised at this years’ AGM , we intend to move forward and bring the LCSP Register out to you, the members.


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