January 2008 Newsletter

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January 2008 Newsletter

9th January 2008 in

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Changes New Year, New Office:

We start 2008 in our new office on the East coast, more about this later. However I would like to thank members for their understanding that during this fairly large transitional time with new office staff and still boxes of papers to be sorted, if we ‘goof up’ I apologise now. General enquiries I hope will be quicker as I tend to be in the office on a daily basis with your new team to respond. Of course replacing Sheila who could run the office with her eyes closed is difficult initially, however I feel our new admin team of Christine and Margaret are already getting to grips with the Registers running and both these ladies are bringing with them additional and new skills which in time will enable us to become more efficient and continue to improve our service to you the members.

So I crave your patience and understanding whilst we get up to full running speed. It is a New Year and so albeit a tad late I send my personal best wishes to you all and hope we all have a happy, prosperous and perhaps most importantly a healthy 2008.GRCCT:

Members my be aware of a so called ‘Press Release’ by an organisation called ‘The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies’ (GRCCT). This body is claiming to be the National UK Regulator for Complementary Therapies and as such will be regulating in excess of 50,000 practitioners in fields of Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Using an all on-line registration process and costing practitioners between £30 and £45 to register.

There are two bones of contention, firstly, this organisation is neither recognised nor sanctioned or has any connection with the Dept. of Health or its funded body The Foundation for Integrated Health despite clever wording implying a connection. Secondly and more concerning is that this organisation has used the name of the LCSP Register in its information, as it has other Societies, without permission or consultation. We have written to the GRCCT asking for our name to be withdrawn from their information with immediate effect.

Scam updates:

Two lots of ‘dodgy deals’ have recently surfaced, the first involves an e-mail requesting your prices for massage service to a ‘fashion model’ who will be staying and working in your area, they ask about you and your qualifications and references from patients and then ask you to quote for 90 minute bodywork sessions 3 times per week for two weeks. If you get involved and quote, say £500 for the treatment, you will receive a cheque in advance for £700 followed by an e-mail apologising for an admin ‘slip-up’ and requesting that you send a return cheque for the £200 overpayment. No great surprise then when the original cheque bounces between here and eternity! The second is a return of a telephone credit card scam where you receive a telephone call from the Security and Fraud Department of Visa, the person gives their name and personal security badge number. They then proceed to tell you that your card has been ‘flagged’ for unusual purchasing patterns, they tell you on which bank your card is drawn and ask you if you have purchased from a London Company an Anti-Telemarketing device for £497.99? When you say ‘No’, the caller says they will be issuing you with a credit of that amount to your account further stating that this London Company is one they are aware of and will be commencing a fraud investigation. The caller will then again tell you your address and ask if it is correct. Finally, the caller says they need to verify that you are in fact in possession of your card, they then ask you to confirm the 3 digit security code on the back, if you give this you’ll get a ‘correct, I just needed to verify that you have the card and it has not been lost or stolen’. The caller will give you a 6 digit reference number and tell us if you have any further questions to contact the 0800 number on the back of your card.

It appears very polished and you actually give very little detail yourself apart from the 3 digit pin number which of course is what the fraudsters require to be able to make online purchases for you. Remember banks and the like would never contact you for any of this type of information, for the simple reason that they already have it.

Membership Subscriptions:

These will become due on 1st March 2008, a separate mailing with your renewal form and directory entry form will be with you in a couple of weeks. Despite all the significant changes we have implemented over the past year and the improvements we have made to the infrastructure and support systems of the Register, we have managed to keep any increase in membership fees to a minimum this year. This has been made possible with the administration now being more cost effective and efficient As such there will be a nominal increase of £5 only and this increase only applies to members in practice. I’m sure that you will appreciate that this still represents excellent value. The rates for the 2008 insurance premiums are still under negotiation and I would not expect these to be finalised until the end of the month. As soon as I do have the new rates these will be posted on the Members Forum. Insurance renewal documentation will come direct to you from Three Counties Insurance Brokers. Please be aware that due to legal changes, there are no longer ‘days of grace’ on lapsed insurance policies, if you fail to renew promptly you could be left uninsured and exposed.

CPD and Recording:

As you will recall the implementation of mandatory CPD for the LCSP Register started from January 1st 2008. To make the process of recording easier you received in October a full set of 6 CPD Recording sheets to use as master templates for your portfolios. Please utilise these in conjunction with the notes supplied by Mark Fairclough and Sue Bennett to record your full spectrum of learning opportunities, formal and informal and build towards the 20 hrs per year minimum requirement. Later in the year there will be a completely random sample of members asked to send copies of their Portfolios for assessment. This checking is in no way meant to threaten or intimidate therapists, but is being done to help and guide you in the correct way of recording, to enable you to enhance and develop both yourself as a professional and your profession in line with the National Occupational Standards and guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns both Mark Fairclough and Sue Bennett would be pleased to help.

LCSP Polo Shirts:

We are indebted to our member Sue Kneebone who has agreed to deal with requests for Polo Shirts. At the present time shirts are available in three colours, white, navy and purple. There is also a choice of LCSP embroidered on the collar and ‘Orthopaedic Massage’ on the sleeve or LCSP on the collar and the web address on the sleeve. These are available at a cost of £12.50 plus P&P. For more details or to place an order please contact Sue Kneebone via phone on 01249 730379, or e-mail: susan@eakneebone.freeserve.co.uk

East Anglian Regional Meeting – Friday 1st February 2008:

The first regional meeting of the LCSP Register will take place on Friday 1st February at the ‘Maids Head Hotel’, Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1LB at 7pm.

This will give an ideal opportunity for any members in this region to meet each other and raise questions to the Council Members in an informal setting. The meeting will commence at 7pm and there will be a short presentation on behalf of our insurers on ways of safeguarding ourselves against claims. Following there will be an open forum with questions and answers to both Insurers and Council Members and the evening will be rounded off with a FREE buffet. It is expected that the meeting will finish by 10.00 pm. As much as this is a chance to address questions and meet the Council, this is very much an opportunity for individual members to meet fellow practitioners in the same locality, to develop better links between ourselves and share in our expertise. Also these meetings are intended to give you more of a voice and greater input into the running of the Register. The Maids Head Hotel is in central Norwich, opposite Norwich Cathedral. If accommodation is required this can be booked direct on 0870 6096110. Please make the effort to attend this inaugural meeting and make it a success for all of us. There is no charge for attending the meeting itself however I would appreciate a brief note or call if you intending to come along, as this will allow me to cater for the correct numbers. The next regional meeting will be held on Friday 4th April in Cork.

Welcome to the new LCSP Register Administration Office:

We actually were moved in by the removal company at 0630 on the 1st December after loading up in Blackpool the previous afternoon. It all seemed such a sensible and simple idea – just move all the office equipment and pick up where we left off a few days before. I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone who has ever done a house move, that the plan and the reality are poles apart! The background to the move you know, it was becoming increasingly time consuming, expensive and inefficient to have the admin office some 300 miles distant to the Secretary. We had to be realistic and accept that for most members now Blackpool was no longer the ‘spiritual home’ of the Northern, that particular sentiment is now the preserve of the old codgers (like me). Finally, with landlords with inbuilt rental reviews it made financial sense to purchase a property and thereby have an asset within the Register.

So a former photographic shop was bought at the end of May and was left to builders to do what builders do best. We reclaimed the keys to the finished article in October. In the meantime the long process of starting to sort, collate and catalogue all the paperwork in Blackpool was underway. It was during this period that the size and magnitude of this ‘quick’ job was starting to become evident, the previous secretary NEVER threw anything away. Whilst I fully appreciate that we as a society have a very enviable history of no less than 88 years some documents are indeed part of that heritage and need to be kept for the future and unfortunately there was no other way than to go through box after box, even the boxes themselves were so perished as soon as you touched them, stuff everywhere. I would come out of the storerooms, take my glasses off and be a dead ringer for a black and white minstrel. We sorted and actually removed several large car loads of rubbish but still had to resort to a skip to deal with the remainder. It was not until a 7 ½ ton truck blocked Lytham Road and then reversed to the office door that it dawned on me, we are leaving and moving the contents of 4 plus rooms to something less than half the size! So moved in we were at an ungodly hour, the idea of ‘just reconnect the IT gear and carry on where we left off’ smarting in my ear. Now we are six weeks on and after the inevitable battle with BT over the phone lines (does anybody in BT work in England?), phones and broadband are operational however there are still plenty of boxes of files and paperwork that still have to be sorted and filed or shredded, but we have the basic systems up and running. Meet your new administration team: Margaret Bambridge – Margaret comes to us with a long history in administration and human resources with large blue chip companies such as British Gas, Taylor Woodrow, GlaxoSmithKline and others. Christine Frosdick – Christine having initially completed her secretarial qualifications then qualified as a SRN, managed to combine these talents as a medical secretary within two local medical centres. Chris is an active member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade and is a Divisional Secretary. Between them they will be running the Admin office and be your first point of call for enquiries. Be kind to them, they are genuine ladies who want to help but like anybody in a new job it will take some time to find their feet. My personal contact details remain the same however with the new office being much closer messages can also be left for me at Lowestoft and I will certainly get them daily.


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