June 2008 Newsletter

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June 2008 Newsletter

9th June 2008 in

Tom Hendrickson workshop was an amazing learning experience for all delegates involved.

The highlight of the weekend was the ability of both Tom and Giles to teach in such a relaxed, humorous and unpretentious manner.

Tom was so thrilled and excited to bring his work to the UK, to be able to teach and share his deep understanding of the human body, and how to treat it.
The Hendrickson method is an advanced system of orthopaedic therapy that brings together a dynamic combination of techniques: massage, mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education, synthesized with Eastern energy practices. Clients receive a gentle session that provides pain-relief and functional rehabilitation.

As a therapist embarking on the Hendrickson method, you require a good level of anatomy and physiology. Tom was very impressed by the groups understanding  of their anatomy and knowledge of MET’s.

Whilst the training has been one of the most expensive workshops we have presented, everyone agreed that it had been great value for money.

Cathy Harland from Scarborough commented, “I would rather pay more for my training, if it means smaller groups, and the higher level of one-to-one tuition I have received over the last three days.”

Nicola Nicol, Scotland said, “The best course I have ever been on, what an excellent few days of learning, enlightenment, and good fun!”

Mark Stoll from Peebles Scotland felt, “it was great to have time with the ‘master’ and Giles. It was great to see them at work. My own work will only get better from this course.”

The request from the group at the end of the three days, was that Tom should return to the UK to further their understanding of the depth and breath of his work.

Tom and I feel it would be appropriate to offer LCSP members, a foundation course in the Hendrickson method. This is likely to be 100 hrs of training over  an approximate 12 month period.

Giles Gamble who assisted Tom during the three days, and who has worked alongside Tom in Berkeley for 8 years, will present a repeat of this 3 day workshop in early spring or late winter 2009.  Attendance of this workshop is a prerequisite of the foundation course.
This allows people to have a taste of Toms work before committing to a longer course, plus also ensures that all delegates attending the foundation course are starting from an equal standing.


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