October 2008 Newsletter

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October 2008 Newsletter

9th October 2008 in

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Regional meetings: These meetings are getting good attendance and are proving to be very worthwhile for the attendees with several different topics of debate and information being made available. The next planned meeting will be held in Bath on 16th January 2009 at the Bath Hilton Hotel; thereafter the meeting for April will be on the 25th and held in Edinburgh. All meetings commence at 7.00pm.
Don’t forget these are free to attend and qualify as acceptable CPD activities for your portfolios, however please indicate to the office if you intend coming to allow us to provide sufficient catering for the evening.

Directory of Practitioners: Copies of the new 2008 edition of the Practitioners Directory are being mailed to members along with this newsletter.  Although entries are optional, there are over 900 practitioner-members listed in the Directory. This proves to be a handy reference for members of the public seeking treatment from LCSP Register therapists. It is useful too for members wishing to refer patients to colleagues in different parts of the Country when the need arises.
The office constantly receives phone calls and e-mails from people requesting details of therapists in their locality. We also have an expanding list of Libraries, Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, Information Centres and the like who have asked to be placed on our Directory mailing list. If you require extra copies for distribution please contact the office direct.
Remember, too, that the entire edition of the LCSP Register Directory now also appears on the Internet.

CPD: Please remember to take some time to regularly update your personal portfolio; it is so often the case that valid CPD opportunities are missed through not taking time to record them. By far the most common is simple reading or researching a particular condition that a new patient has presented with or the reflective recording of a particular incident, treatment or situation that you have recently encountered. These are all valid opportunities that would give you a good mix of CPD activities. You have in your possession all the relevant CPD templates for recording a wide range of activities please remember to use them to your advantage. If by chance you have misplaced the templates, copies are available to download from the website.

Contact us: We try our best to be accessible for you and deal with any enquiries quickly.
For general enquiries contact the LCSP Register office on 01502 563344, there you will find either Margaret or Christine; I, Steve Foster can similarly be contacted there or alternatively my direct line at my own clinic is 01493 602797 if you have a more specific question or problem.
There is also available our Welfare Officer, Mr George Kendall on 01482 322170 if any member has problems or is in need of advice or counsel.
Any questions relating to Insurance matters can be specifically dealt with by Gareth Millard of Three Counties Insurance Brokers on the freephone number 0800 731 7829
Finally, for those members who have the LCSP Register Insurance there is also built in access to a 24hr legal helpline service, for confidential legal advice on any matter whatsoever, telephone 01206 366500, the only information you have to give is to state you are part of the ‘Howdens Medical Insurance Scheme’.


OBITUARY: It is with sadness that we report the passing of William Paterson, of Galashiels, Scotland. William had been a loyal LCSP Register member for 15 years and will be missed by his family, friends and patients alike. We extend our condolences to them at this trying time.


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