January 2009 Newsletter

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January 2009 Newsletter

9th January 2009 in


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So it is a new year with its new challenges and indeed in some ways this could prove to be a very tough year for some of us. Credit Crunches, Downturns or just plain ‘times is hard’ the present economic situation is inevitably going to have an effect on us. I am aware that members are saying where as patients previously would have had maybe four treatments to completely rectify a problem, they will now make do with two or three treatments to just get them out of trouble.
Some may consider our services as extras or luxury and of course these areas are very often the first to be cut back in times like these.
It may be tough but we have to remain focused and positive, we provide an important service and you are highly trained and very good at what you do. There will always be a demand for our services, we just have to ride out the present storm and adapt to the prevailing situations. Don’t despair we are all in this together; very often a problem shared can be resolved. We have for very many years historically worked in isolation and never really had much interaction between our fellow members, happily it appears that this is changing with the regional meetings giving an opportunity for members in a locality to meet and share ideas or concerns also the members’ forum of the website is there to be utilised.
Regional meetings:  
There will be a Regional meeting in Edinburgh on Friday 24th April at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Grosvenor Street, Edinburgh , further ahead there will be another being held in Stratford- Upon- Avon, at the Hilton Hotel, on the 10th  July.
Any members are welcome to attend, there is no charge for these evenings and they do qualify as a valid CPD event. All the regional meetings are planned to commence at 7.00pm. If you are intending to come please let the office know either via e-mail or a quick phone call, just to enable us to cater adequately as we feed you there as well.

Personal Portfolios:  contained within this posting is a replacement cover for your personal portfolio, this you can insert and reflects the newer and changing image we are trying to develop within the Register.
Continuing Professional Development: please take some time to regularly update your CPD and personal portfolio, from this year there will be a random sampling of portfolios. If you are selected all you will need initially to provide will be a copy of your CPD Summary Sheet.

Dr Myk Hungerford, a name that most practitioners would not immediately recognise, however some will recall that Dr Hungerford was a charismatic figure who spoke and presented at many conference events, the last being 1995. She was a staunch believer in the beneficial effects of Remedial Massage having trained as a massage therapist herself and graduating from the Swedish Institute in New York and indeed was a great supporter of the LCSP Register.
Her history is littered with ‘big’ names and achievements not least the fact that she was the massage therapist to a well known couple called President and Jacqueline Kennedy when they were living in the White House. Dr Myk was instrumental in getting Sports Massage accepted as a treatment modality into the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics where it remains to this day. The Sports Massage Training Institute and the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Costa Mesa, California, were both formed and run by Dr. Myk. She continued to teach in her 80’s in Singapore, the Bahamas and was planning another course in Australia.
Only last year she again had contact with our President and was prepared to fly to England to do some more lectures and workshops for us, and all this at 83 years of age. The Register has lost a supporter and a great friend in Dr Myk.

Membership and Insurance renewals:  also contained with this newsletter is your paperwork to renew your membership of the LCSP Register. Your membership is due for renewal on the 1st March, we have managed to keep the increase in subscriptions to a minimum and membership of the Register still represents excellent value when compared to other therapy based organisations. Please complete the forms carefully and legibly and return to the admin office as soon as possible.
Easy Membership Payment Terms:  we cannot be insensitive to the present financial situation and we are able to offer the option of membership payments being made over 4 months by standing order, there is no additional charges or extras for this option and the four payments will be collected from March to June inclusive. If you wish to take advantage of this please contact the admin office and the relevant paperwork can be dispatched to you.
Euro Account for Overseas Members: for those members who are in the Euro-Zone, we now have available the facility for payments to be received in Euros, so there will no longer be the need to pay extra for Sterling cheques or money orders.
Insurance renewals:  at the time of going to press I was still in negotiation with the insurers regarding the new rates and as soon as I have them confirmed I will post them on the member’s forum. Naturally the insurers are putting forward proposals for large increases and similarly I am countering the arguments. Once some sensible compromises have been reached the relevant paperwork will come to you direct from Three Counties Insurance Brokers.
On a general point regarding insurance, you must have a relevant and acceptable qualification for any work you do. Time served, experience or apprentiships have no place in our field, just because someone has been a good remedial massage therapist for 10 or 15 years does not permit them to adjust, or manipulate a neck or a back, you must have a recognised and formal qualification or you risk being personally sued or held liable as your insurance would be invalid.

Your Profession and Your Future:
The profession of Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy has, at last, come into its own, and if you’re are looking for proof of this just consider the recent history over the past few years, the Dept. of Health have done their research via different projects in the UK using Remedial Massage as a treatment modality in GP surgeries with great effect, the GCMT has been Govt funded with the intention of uniting the massage profession in readiness to take it to the next level of national recognition from this year through the CNHC, again a Govt initiative. As a professional organisation, two-thirds of our members are full time practitioners relying solely on our manual skills and training as therapists to pay all the bills. We conservatively estimate that as an organisation the LCSP Register provide in excess of 2 million treatments per year.
You have a great responsibility to these patients and we, as the governing Council have an equally great responsibility to you as our members. We must make sure that you are given every facility and opportunity not only to keep up with developments but to improve and expand your levels of service and expertise.
As you are aware over the last few years we have been busily engaged in a major restructuring of the operational facilities of the Register and there are still ongoing projects and revisions to be done.
Patient consultation and treatment recording systems are being written and assessed, patient information details are being planned, new techniques and teaching modes together with effective CPD recording systems are being developed. There are others and all with one end in view; to give you the scope of experience and the tools to demonstrate your professionalism which will ensure that you practice safely and effectively and provide the highest level of professional service and treatment to those who come to you for help.
But it is well to remember that as an organisation we are united in a common purpose and, for that reason alone, you the members are as much a part of the organisation as us the Council and its staff. So you, too have your responsibilities.
Your contribution lies in dedication to your work, to seeking still more knowledge and practising assiduously all that you have learnt, by refraining from working outside the boundaries of your experience or qualification and by paying due respect to superior knowledge. If we stay ever mindful of the loyalty and respect we owe to each other in the Register, it can only be to the lasting benefit of our patients.
These are exciting times and we are all afforded a great opportunity to take advantage of them and promote the profession generally and the LCSP Register specifically. There is much for all of us to do, let us do it with accord, unity and collectively take the profession forward for the benefit of its members and the general public, our patients.

For Sale:
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Thanks for your kind words:-
“I never got round to saying at the time how much I enjoyed the LCSP regional meeting held at the Ramada Leeds on 17th October.  I am sorry – I realise that a great deal of organisation had gone into the event and that some Council members travelled many miles to attend. I really did appreciate an LCSP ‘fix’ and being reminded and updated on all the important subjects you and others covered so well. Thank you to Beryl and all of the Council for a very interesting and worthwhile evening.
Fozzy, I appreciate the work of the LCSP, it is very important to me, and I am grateful for everything.  Also the food was delicious !”                                         Gill Crosland.


Congratulations! To Register member Julie Nicholls of Swindon, Wilts. On the birth of her son, Xabi, who weighed in at 7lb 11oz on the 4th January. We wish mum and junior well and feel certain that little Xabi is already benefiting from baby massages.

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