April 2009 Newsletter – Part 2

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April 2009 Newsletter – Part 2

9th April 2009 in

‘Evolution – from Teachers to Educators’  

Four years ago I attended my first course associated with the LCSP, in London. I had not been a member for long and had only joined because the Fellowship of Sports Masseurs and Therapists had disbanded and the LCSP offered us membership due to the links between the two organisations.

I have been in practice since 1994 and have always looked for ways of improving what I do; coming from a corporate background I was always sent on training courses to improve my performance within the company, so it seems right to continue that process.

However, that first course was a bit ‘different‘. I felt so sorry for Sue and Beryl. They had booked a venue in London and been promised that the equipment and facilities would be second to none. However the reality was very different. Too many people, in too small a room, which was both dark and unpleasant. I have to admit that I nearly didn’t come back for the second day. The reason I did was, Sue and Beryl, they were so kind and honest. They instantly realised what the problem was and didn’t try to hide it and by the end of day two it became a running joke, and I realised that here were two individuals that were good teachers still delivering under very difficult circumstances.

So, with that in mind I decided to give them another go and what a difference. The Russell hotel in London is a very nice place. I was frightened to put my dirty coffee cup down in case I made a mess!
Once again the teaching, which is after all why I was there, was fantastic and I took away new skills that I could use immediately. The only problem this time was the fact that only five people attended. From my point of you this was almost like having personal tuition, but I know from a business perspective the course must have lost money and I thought that may have put an end to them.

At this point I have to say something about the teaching. As a person I failed at school mainly because I am an individual and cannot be preached at. I need to find understanding of the subject I am trying to learn and this must be difficult for anyone attempting to teach me. However, I have never had a question unanswered. Their patience in class is amazing, especially with someone like me, who doesn’t always get things the first time of asking.

Fast forward to 2009 and the introduction to the Hendrickson method, what a difference. To say that these two ladies and the courses they teach have evolved, is a massive understatement.  It was only a matter of time and perseverance that venues and numbers of bodies on the courses were sorted out.  I feel that my skills as a therapist have just taken a huge leap, however more importantly I know that there is a wealth of knowledge out there to be tapped into and it was delivered to me on these courses.

While Beryl has taken a step back from the teaching, (I think she must have a 26 hour day all the things she finds time to do), Sue has taken a step forward and has grown from someone who teaches to someone who educates.

I would be amazed if you find anyone who attends her training that had a negative response to the content and course. With courses such as these available CPD becomes easy and motivates you to improve your skills as a therapist.

James Weatherburn.

Bishops Stortford, Herts.

April 2009 Newsletter

9th April 2009 in

e-mail: fozzy@fosterclinic.co.uk

2012 London Olympics: Calling all Sports Therapists…..would you like to be considered as a volunteer therapist for the London Olympics? Each participating Country will bring some therapists as part of their own medical team, however the host Country is required to supply extensive sports therapy cover for participating Olympians. This is a voluntary situation and in the first instance if you wish to be considered then please go to;                www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteering/index.php

Annual General Meeting: Contained within this mailing are the details of the forthcoming AGM to be held at the Tickled Trout Hotel, Preston, on Friday the 12th June at 1.00pm. Members are welcome to attend however we do make the point that this is purely an AGM meeting to comply with Company law and there is no other associated business or events planned.  A proxy voting form is also included for your use. However, if you wish to attend please let the office know so that appropriate catering arrangements can be made.

LCSP  90th Anniversary  1 Day Conference and Dinner Dance:It is proposed to hold a one day event on Saturday 10th October in what is considered by many to be the spiritual home of the LCSP, Blackpool. There will be guest speakers throughout the day and we will finish with a Dinner Dance function which I know is something that many of you have missed over the past years. This will be a good opportunity to renew acquaintances and celebrate the 90th anniversary of our organisation. As more details are confirmed they will be posted on the Forum and sent electronically.

Regional Meetings:  The next planned regional meeting will be held on Friday 10th July at 7.00pm at the Holiday Inn, Stratford-Upon-Avon. The October regional meeting will be replaced with the One Day Conference in Blackpool and the first meeting for 2010 will be held in January at a venue in Cambridge.

Housekeeping notes:  If you change or re-new your e-mail address will you please keep the office in the contact loop so that your details can be kept as up to date as possible. Reasoning behind this is very simple; we are intending to update members of any important changes or relevant information electronically. Therefore it is in your best interest to notify the admin office of your electronic contact details. Any changes/updates to lcsp@btconnect.com

Enclosure with this newsletter: Please find enclosed a revised ‘Fees and Subscriptions’ page that replaces the same in your LCSP Register Handbook. Please insert this to keep your handbook current.

Obituary:  It is with regret that we report the passing of  Neil McGregor of Benfleet, Essex. Mr McGregor had been a respected member of the Register and we feel sure that this loss will be felt by family and patients alike. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

Ageism in the InsuranceWorld.  Over 60? Still working at 70?  Can you help me?

Nearly 18 years ago I began a new career by training in massage at the Northern Institute.
I had been made redundant twice and decided that the only option was to work for myself.  And there I was at 57, with a successful physical therapy practice and looking forward to working into my old age to supplement my OAP (the only pension I will have) when I fell because of a broken drain cover in a garage forecourt.
I damaged the triangular fibrocartilage in my wrist.
Now, I often have pain and I can only occasionally do the lightest of massage. I am claiming compensation for loss of earnings.  The insurance company, so my solicitor tells me, will say thatafter 60 I would be slowing down and would certainly not be working after 65.
Are you living proof that we physical therapists/massage practitioners are made of stronger stuff?    Can you help by sending me a short e-mail or letter stating your age and the hours you work.  I need to show them that this ageist attitude is not supported by fact.  Your help will be much appreciated and your details will be treated as confidential.
Judy Wynne, 277 Main St, Thornton, Leicestershire, LE67 1AJ
Telephone 01530 230161  or  e-mail:  judywynne@hotmail.co.uk


2009 Awareness events and Dates for Diaries:
If you are considering some form of promotion for your business or practice, here are an assortment of dates that may be useful in the planning of any targeted promotional activity.
May:  Cystic Fibrosis Month
June:  National Osteoporosis Month
July:  6th – 12th  National Natural Medicine Week
12th – 18th National Diabetes Week
August:  1st – 7th  Infant Massage Awareness Week
2nd – 8th  National Healthy Bones Week
17th – 23rd National Traditional Chinese Awareness Week
September:  6th – 12th  National Massage Week
14th – 20th  National Herbal Medicine Week
21st – 27th  World Reflexology Week
28th  World Heart Day
October:  4th – 10th  Backcare Awareness Week
5th – 11th  National Aromatherapy Week
10th – 17th Foot Health Week
20th  World Osteoporosis Day
December:  3rd  International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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