August 2009 Newsletter – Part 2

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August 2009 Newsletter – Part 2

9th August 2009 in

Letters to the Office:

Dear Steve,

Having attended the recent regional meeting in Stratford-upon-Avon I feel I must write to express my surprise and sadness at the poor turnout of members.

When the meeting started there was fourteen members plus five Council members, a representative of an outside agency and myself, now retired, making a total of twenty-one.  It transpired towards the end of the meeting that this was a good attendance up against some of the turnouts at other regional meetings!!!!!!!

When in practice I always endeavoured to attend the Annual Conference, occasionally some were missed due to my commitment to end of season rugby tours with either my Club or County team, not only to meet up socially with friends and other practitioners but to keep up to date with new techniques and developments in the profession.  I would leave the weekend with renewed enthusiasm and ideas to be developed and tried in my practice.

Times have changed considerably since I enrolled at the NIM and the LCSP some twenty-eight years ago.  The introduction of tighter and ongoing legislation in professions such as ours from both our own Government and Brussels, the introduction and need to record CPD and the introduction of new bodies of control and other issues in recent years make it, I would have thought, more important than ever to attend meetings to keep up to date and offer feedback to the LCSP Council.

The LCSP Council, is more open and approachable than at any previous time, is striving to be influential as and when changes are being introduced and to keep the Register at the forefront of the profession.  Good attendances at meetings would give it the authority to continue this approach with the knowledge that it had the full backing of the membership to achieve this objective.  I would hope that attendances will be seen to improve for future meetings.

In thanking you all for your efforts on our behalf at the last meeting I will add that I look forward to attending the celebrations for the landmark 90th Anniversary in October.

With best wishes to all members,

John M. Smith
Bulkington, Warwickshire.


90th Anniversary CPD Conference and Dinner Dance: 
A full one day Conference (with CPD certified attendance) ending with a black tie dinner dance being held at the De Vere Herons’ Reach Hotel, Blackpool on Saturday 10th October 2009.

A long overdue opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends in a relaxed atmosphere and also score some CPD hours into the bargain. The timing of the conference means that the famous Blackpool Illuminations are lit and all the towns’ amenities are in full swing so it makes it a great opportunity to combine work with pleasure for the family and make a weekend break.

We have negotiated discounted rates for accommodation at the hotel and this can be booked direct on (01253) 832542 or e-mail  and quote ref: CAL3857/1, it is also worth checking the on-line deals for the hotel as on occasions these can even work out

The conference hotel has a full 18 hole golf course attached to it, and if any members who wish to join me then I would propose having a game of golf on the Friday in the early afternoon to relax, if you wish to join me then please contact me direct so that I can make the necessary arrangements regarding tee times and hip flasks!

The Conference itself – How often have we as practitioners been asked by patients “Is there anything you would recommend for the pain?” To this end our guest speaker is Dr Christine Clark an award winning clinical pharmacist who has been instrumental in developing clinical pharmacy practice, research and teaching in the UK. With over 40 published papers to her name, Dr Clark now works as a freelance medical writer and pharmaceutical consultant.  The talk entitled ‘Safe use of Over the Counter Medicines for Pain Control’ will help to demystify this subject for us and give us important information on the different effects of analgesia and the reactions that we need to be aware of when dealing with our own patients.

Susan Findlay, an experienced massage therapist originally from Canada, who has now established her own training school her in the UK and recently had a book published.  Susan will be talking initially on the subject of Pathology, how do we deal with specific disease processes and adapt or modify our treatment approaches particularly in cases such as diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and others.

The afternoon session will be a lecture and interactive workshop dealing with postural assessment, how does gait influence posture and the relationship from the feet to hip, knee or other pain.

This day is intended to stimulate your thought processes and give you new perspectives on everyday conditions that we all see and treat

This promises to be both useful and informative for all therapists and there will also be interactive sessions which will make this a presentation to remember.

The full day package includes all tea and coffees, lunch, speakers, CPD certification and the evening dinner dance all of this for an amazing £125 for LCSP Register Members (Non-Members £150)  Additional tickets for the evening dinner dance for nearest or dearests can be purchased for £35.
This will be a day to remember, a learning experience with like-minded professionals in a convivial atmosphere celebrating our 90th anniversary, see you there !

Extract from Number 10 Downing Street:

CNHC safety – e petition response.
A petition was received by No 10 asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to require evidence of basic efficacy and safety for licensing by the CNHC.”

Details of Petition:  “The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) issues approval certificates to Supplementary, Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners, but this approval is currently independent of actual evidence of efficacy or safety. It is likely that practitioners will use CNHC approval to imply efficacy and safety, even though it promises no such thing. We, the undersigned, therefore petition that the CNHC requirements be tightened to include evidence of efficacy and safety.”

Government response:
The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) does not promote the efficacy of disciplines practised by its registrants. The aim of the CNHC is protection of the public. Registration means that the practitioner has met certain entry standards (in terms of having an accredited qualification or relevant experience) and that they subscribe to a set of professional standards. The public will have the reassurance that the practitioner they choose meets these standards and will be subject to fitness to practise procedures should they behave inappropriately.

Regulation, whether statutory or voluntary, is about protecting the public. For this reason, the Government fully supports the work of the CNHC. If patients choose to use Complementary or Alternative therapy, the Governments’ advice is to choose a practitioner registered with a reputable voluntary registration body such as the CNHC.

GCMT Register Closed.
The CNHC opened its register to Massage Therapists on the 19th January 2009 and is now taking further complementary and alternative disciplines into its ranks. The CNHC is a voluntary body for individual complementary healthcare practitioners and their primary role is that of public protection. They are not a Professional Association whose role is to support you as a practitioner and assist you in matters relating to your practice, that is the role and will remain so of the LCSP Register.

CNHC worked closely with the GCMT and all the Professional Associations affiliated to it. Through this good working relationship we were able to offer you a discounted and fast track registration reducing the initial costs from £45 to £30 for the first year of registration. However, both the CNHC and GCMT are conscious that some practitioners who are GCMT registered have already paid £10 registration to the GCMT. We therefore reached an agreement that this £10 will be credited towards the CNHC registration making the fee payable £20.

Following on from these developments the GCMT register is now closed; those who have already registered with CNHC will receive a refund of £10 on application to CHNC. Your listing will remain on the GCMT website for the time being, and you will be contacted with further information in the near future.

August 2009 Newsletter

9th August 2009 in


Annual General Meeting: this took place on Friday 12th June. On behalf of the President and board we thank the members who attended and likewise those who could not attend but conveyed their best wishes and votes via the proxy forms.

The President Mrs BB Harper opened the meeting and paid tribute to the board members for their continued hard work and support for and on behalf of the Register during the year; she further thanked the administration team of Margaret and Christine for the diligent way they run the administration office in Suffolk. D V Johnson our finance officer was congratulated by the President for his prudent financial planning which has kept the Register in a strong financial position in these very uncertain times.

The two resolutions to receive the Annual Reports and Accounts and to re-appoint Harrison Salmon Associates as Reporting Accountants were both passed.

The nomination of Mr VS Pugh as President was fully supported and Mrs BB Harper handed over the chain of office to her successor. The new President, Mr Pugh, spoke of his pride in taking this office especially in this, the 90th anniversary year. He emphasised the importance of unity within the profession generally and the Register in particular during these times of regulatory changes.

The elections for the Council of Management confirmed Mrs Harper and Messrs Foster, Eyres, Watson and Spivey as members of Council.

Prior to the close of the meeting the outgoing President Mrs Harper bestowed an award of Fellowship to Mr Terry McCroakam of Pontefract, W.Yorks, for his unstinting support and 20 plus years of continuous membership of the LCSP Register.

Members Forum: Due to the fact that this site was hacked into, additional security had to be put in place so members have to log-in and register to gain access to place information, this only has to be done once but therefore makes the site more secure. There is also a separate section now for the advertising of anything for sale.

Resignation of Board Member: since the AGM, Mr. Roger Watson has tendered his resignation from the board of the LCSP Register. This has been due to personal reasons and commitments and the President has accepted this with regret. We acknowledge the contributions Roger has made and wish him and his family well.

Keep us in the loop: Please will anybody changing their e-mail address keep the admin office informed as the intention is to increase the electronic notifications and updates being supplied to you.
Dates for your diary:  90th Anniversary conference and Dinner Dance 10th October in Blackpool;  Regional Meeting 15th January 2010 in Cambridge; Regional Meeting 16th April 2010 in Doncaster; Regional Meeting July 2010 (date TBA) in Newport, Wales.

Portfolios:  Please remember to keep your portfolios up to date, as the sampling of these has begun. The requirement is only 20 hours per year and it is not necessary for these hours to just be training courses, a balanced and varied range of CPD is what is required. Most practitioners already do far in excess of the requirements with activities such as looking up an unfamiliar condition presented by a patient, maybe discussing this condition with a colleague, researching treatment protocols, regional meetings, reading etc, we all do enough,  the mistake we make is failing to record it. By simply attending the 90th Anniversary function in October, you will fulfil almost half your yearly CPD requirement in one easy and sociable way!


NHS – National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence:  The NICE report published in May 2009 on Low Back Pain came down in favour of practitioners who offered massage and mobilisation as the most effective treatment plan. The full reports can be downloaded from the NICE website. We have always known our treatments work, now it has been researched and proven. There is now documentation to back up our claims, read it, print it, and use to further your own practice and the profession. All available from  then search for ‘low back pain’. There is a ‘Costing report’ on cost benefits to  patients, industry and the NHS of getting the most appropriate treatment early on, and a report entitled ‘Early management of persistent non-specific low back pain’ which very clearly comes down in favour of the treatment that we all have advocated for many years.

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