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From the President

2009-08-08T17:30:42+00:000000004231200908 in Noticeboard

Your new LCSP Register President –  Mr V.S. Pugh
Who is the new man at the top?

The only child of David and Phyllis Pugh and a Baptist, I have two daughters and a wife that has been in a residential home with vascular dementia for the last seven years.

When I started junior school the teacher found that I was left handed, this was frowned upon then, so I was made to put my left hand behind my back all day or be caned. Read the rest of this entry →

CNHC Registration

2009-05-14T17:24:11+00:000000001131200905 in Noticeboard

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Going live
January 19th was an exciting day for CNHC as that was the day the on–line register officially opened. Massage therapists were the first group to be eligible to apply for registration and we are now seeing a steady stream of applications. We hope that many of you reading this article have already registered or are in process of doing so. If you are not sure whether to register or not, please read on and we may help you to decide! Read the rest of this entry →

From the President

2009-05-14T17:19:20+00:000000002031200905 in Noticeboard

It is more than a decade since I was asked by Ken Woodward to represent the LCSP at a meeting in London organised by the then Foundation of Integrated Medicine, later to become the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health. At that meeting were representatives from all forms of Complementary Therapies throughout the U.K. The outcome of the meeting was that the Complementary Therapies were advised to come together as one group in their own individual categories in preparation for some form of registration. Read the rest of this entry →

CNHC Registration

2009-01-30T17:16:35+00:000000003531200901 in Noticeboard

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) was launched on Monday 19th January, this launch was covered by BBC television and radio and backed up with press announcements.

The CNHC was founded in April 2008 and officially launched by Ben Bradshaw, Minister of State for Health after significant preliminary research undertaken by and through the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health together with complementary healthcare practitioners. This whole start up process has been underpinned and financially supported by the Department of Health and it is the Government that is committed to establishing the CNHC as the national voluntary register in the complementary healthcare field.
The CNHC is suggesting that there will be potential benefits of membership including possible GP and PCT referrals and medical insurance recognition. Read the rest of this entry →

From the President

2009-01-30T17:13:44+00:000000004431200901 in Noticeboard

Welcome to 2009. This is a very special year for the LCSP Register, it is our 90th anniversary. I am so proud of what we have achieved during the past four years. We now own our own premises for the first time in the history of the organisation. We have modernised the image of the Register to bring us into the 21st. century. The website has been made more user friendly, our membership package has been reconstructed with more up to date copies of our Code of Ethics and Membership Rules and Regulations, and we have a Continued Professional Development programme in place. Read the rest of this entry →

October 2008 Newsletter

2008-10-19T16:49:48+00:000000004831200810 in Noticeboard


Health Care Professional… Landlord…Employer…Clinic Owner…who are you and how are you seen by your patients?

Recent years has seen tremendous growth in “multi therapist” clinics, with a myriad of Health Care Professionals offering a choice of complementary and alternative treatments under one roof or in some cases a single discipline such as physiotherapy and massage offered by a group of professionals under one roof. Read the rest of this entry →

From the President

2008-10-19T16:41:58+00:000000005831200810 in Noticeboard

When you receive this newsletter it will be nearly 12 months since we moved to Lowestoft, where has this year gone?  The office is looking very smart now and certainly enhances our professional image.  As you know I was very unsure about this move, but during the year I have become to realise that it doesn’t matter where we base ourselves as long as we have an efficient team running the office that is all that matters, and we certainly have that in Steve, Christine and Margaret, my thanks to all of them for the effort they have put in during the past twelve months. Read the rest of this entry →

General Council for Massage Therapies

2008-10-19T16:31:42+00:000000004231200810 in Noticeboard

It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the massage profession in recent years, with GCMT at its helm.  We are on the last stretch and coasting into home.  The lost lunches and flying hats are behind us.

LCSP Register has been with GCMT the entire ride and will be coming along for a go on the roundabouts and ghost train.  Many thanks are offered to LCSP Register and its members for all the support they have given GCMT over the last 6 years and in previous incarnations. Read the rest of this entry →

From the President

2008-04-09T16:30:04+00:000000000430200804 in Noticeboard

I was very sorry to hear that a Fellow of the LCSP Register, Mrs Grace Halliday, passed away on 8th March. I have known Grace for many years and she was an inspiration to me, not only because of her dedication and commitment to her work, but also the extent of her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Grays’ Anatomy was her chosen reference book, and she could recite page and paragraph whilst she was demonstrating her techniques. Although her work was very controversial, she continued to do her research until she became ill. One of her ambitions was to write a book, and then when she had achieved that she wanted to rewrite it because she had learned so much more, and she felt it was out of date. Despite her deafness, she was an excellent teacher, and when I went out to Australia to share in her 80th birthday celebrations, I met several people who felt they would not have been there had it not been for the treatment they had received from Grace. She was a truly remarkable lady and will be dearly missed. Read the rest of this entry →

From the President

2008-01-29T16:28:52+00:000000005231200801 in Noticeboard

New Year is always considered to be a new beginning, time for change, time to look forward,time to improve ourselves and our circumstances. I feel these are very appropriate sentiments for the LCSP Register.

We have already started to make changes and improvements. The new office is now up and running in Lowestoft and my thanks to Steve Foster for supervising the move, and to Sheila, Vic Johnson and Melvyn Eyres for their assistance in Blackpool with the preparations that were necessary prior to the removal. Read the rest of this entry →

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