From the President

From the President

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‘Yesterday is not ours to recover,
But tomorrow is ours to win or lose.’

I set out for the regional meeting leaving from Newport to Paddington and then across London to Kings Cross and on again by train to Cambridge, a short taxi ride later and I arrived at the Holiday Inn, a total travelling time of 4 hours. It was during that very cold period and there was snow but the journey was easy, comfortable and I was more than happy to let the ‘train take the strain’

At the regional meeting, our secretary Steve Foster gave an outstanding presentation on the use of Outcome Measures in Physical Therapy with lots of questions being asked afterwards, I had to call time so we could move onto the buffet and drinks. It is refreshing to see members interacting, exchanging ideas and getting together for a common purpose and all for free with a CPD certificate thrown in.

On the subject of CPD, I would like to thank the Education Sub-Committee who have undertaken the evaluation process of those members who were randomly selected to have their CPD activities checked. Also I sincerely hope that any HPC registered members in the physiotherapy category that may have been selected by the HPC for the random CPD checking in 2010 has not been founding wanting in their respective portfolios.

After the meeting at Cambridge I took the opportunity to spend a couple of days on the East Coast under the watchful supervision of our Secretary, he has a delightful property no more than 50 metres from the beach, which he is the first to say is all thanks to the skills he has acquired as a therapist and the support of the LCSP Register. I enjoyed the winter sunshine and crisp cold air as we walked miles along open sandy beaches just with the sea and our thoughts for company. On the return leg of the walk comfort and rest was sought in a hostelry not far from Steve’s home, the rest of that day is another tale for another time!!!

Naturally, my visit was an opportunity to see for myself the administration office in Lowestoft, I was and indeed am very pleasantly surprised at the LCSP office, it has a High Street location with the frontage sign written giving us a high profile and visible presence, such a contrast to the previous office with its dark flight of stairs and just one very tarnished small name plate. The office itself is bright and airy, well organised and equipped. Steve together with Christine and Margaret serve us all very well and has made the Register itself far more approachable on a day to day basis.

As your President now, I am enjoying the opportunities at the Regional meetings to meet more of you individually. We have historically been rather isolated in our working practices and now we have these chances to meet with fellow practitioners in and around our localities and share experiences, ideas and expertise. I look forward to meeting more of you on my home patch in Newport, Wales on July 9th. In the meantime I thank you for the positive comments that have been received by the office and by myself personally, I had a very nice communication from Mrs P. Wilson who is based in South Africa and has been a member since 1967, she looks forward to our regular newsletters and was thrilled with the key ring as a permanent reminder of the Register, similarly my thanks go to Gill Crosland for her letters of support for the Registers activities in general.

Tomorrow is your future, it is up to you to win or lose it.

Viv  Pugh

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