From the President

From the President

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‘The distance does not matter it is only the first step that is difficult’

My congratulations go out to all the members that succeeded in being the first UK trained Hendrickson Method practitioners and indeed for lifting the standard and reputation of the LCSP Register. Well done one and all, and to Sue Bennett our educational officer and her support team.

I would like to thank all who attended the first regional meeting to be held in South Wales and with this being on my ‘home patch’ I did not have to travel this time. During the day prior to the evening meeting this year’s LCSP golfing tournament was held at the Celtic Manor Resort and the winner was Steve Foster the Secretary in a very close finish. So my first duty of the evening was with great pride to present the cup to Steve.
The CPD presentation of using ‘outcome measures’ at the evening meeting was very well received with later a good question and answer session on a variety of topics. At the end of the evening all were filled both in body and mind and the camaraderie was a joy to see.
Moving on in time, I was called to the doctors for a routine MOT, when my blood pressure was checked it was 250 over 101!  So off to hospital for a week for me and a barrage of tests none of which could explain the readings so on a Friday afternoon I was discharged and on the Sunday I set off for a planned holiday to Americas Golden West travelling from Seattle to San Diago and up to Las Vegas before coming home. From temperatures in excess of 100 degrees then back to a very wet and cold Wales,
Make every day count.


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