Guest Speaker at this year’s AGM


Guest Speaker at this year’s AGM

16th March 2017 in LCSP News, Noticeboard

KCSP AGM 2017 David BakerWe are delighted to announce that we have secured yet another high profile speaker, David Baker  with a topic that is of such relevance and importance to ALL therapists. How many times have we all been asked about the medication one of our patients are currently taking or been asked to offer advice as to what medication could assist our patients with the presenting problems. Do you know and are you aware of the common everyday drugs that can have a profound effect on soft tissues and therefore the reaction to soft tissue treatments. All this and far more vital information will be discussed and explained. This one afternoon can and will make you a far more rounded, competent and skilled practitioner in the treatment and management of your own patients. For more information click here …

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