Why join the LCSPBenefits and advantages of being with the LCSP Register.

The Governing board of the LCSP Register has spent considerable time and energy over the past 3 years with the re-organisation, relocation and reviewing of the strategies of our organisation and we have had to closely examine our own position in the marketplace and determine the best way forward for the organisation in general and the individual members in particular.

The LCSP Register serves as a Professional Association dedicated to serve and support its individual members in the pursuit of their professional, clinical, and business activities.

Here is an overview of the main benefits of membership;

Administration Office – The LCSP Register has a dedicated office in Suffolk fully manned during business hours so any call will be answered by a ‘real person’ who can assist or direct you in the appropriate way. Most enquiries, from members and the general public, are received via telephone or e-mail, the fully manned office allows us to respond in most instances immediately to these questions.

Secretary – The Register employs a full time Secretary, presently Steve Foster who has over 30 years clinical experience and is able to provide general and specific advice. With the new challenges and regulatory processes impacting on the profession generally, to have an informed point of contact can be invaluable, Steve has been involved within these regulatory processes and is still involved with the GCMT and CNHC on a regular basis.

Welfare Officer – a dedicated person acting completely confidentially in the role of Welfare Officer for members who may have situations of distress or difficulty where they need assistance, guidance or reassurance.

Business Support – naturally the majority of our information is tailored to working in the private sector and advice and support is readily available from a variety of different sources such as;

Newsletter – a publication specifically targeted at practitioners in private practice a regular section dedicated to ongoing CPD activities within our sector, business information relevant to our profession together with news updates and articles of interest.

Regional Meetings – these are held at various locations throughout the Country offering members in that locality a CPD opportunity covering various subjects, the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues, meet the Governing board members and interact in a semi social environment.

E Mail Alerts – these have been further developed recently and serve to back up and support the Newsletters. It is often necessary and useful to update members of important issues that may be ‘time sensitive’ or maybe there may be a situation that could have financial implications for members if they are not aware. To make certain that this service is efficient it is in your interest to make sure that the administration office has your correct and current e-mail address. Some members have requested and now receive the newsletter electronically also.

Website – this is rapidly becoming a major tool and resource for business development, promotion of the therapies, promotion of the individual therapists and general business support. The website of the Register has undergone a major overhaul and will continue to be reviewed regularly as this is proving to be a vital and valuable source of information for the general public and therapists alike.

Find a Therapist – this is the main area that the general public will access when endeavouring to locate a therapist in their respective locality. This section of the site has the facility to enable individual therapists to have additional details of themselves and their services in the form of an enhanced  profile, thereby giving the public more information to allow them to make an informed decision.

Sales Room – this facility within the members section allows therapists to advertise used equipment and or other items to fellow members.

Members Forum – this electronic chat room has been extensively used with members communicating with each other electronically. It has provided a platform for raising clinical questions and encouraging other members to participate and allow for the further dissemination of knowledge. It has seen diverse information from full and part time job advertisements through business topics and questions on legal matters to complete practices for sale.

Insurance Partners – we have an active arrangement with our insurance partners to provide you with the most comprehensive package for medical malpractice, indemnity and products insurance. Our dedicated team of insurance brokers at James Hallam ProMed, can tailor individual policies to suit the specific needs of a therapist; this service extends to surgery policies and motor vehicle policies where the vehicle is being used in a business capacity. The policies come with access to a 24hr legal helpline service and the Insurance brokers themselves have a 24 hr helpline and service.